Tenaga Bersih Sdn Bhd (TBSB) was established in 1992. Since its inception TBSB has evolved through more than 19 years of experience and grown to be more than a cleaning specialist. TBSB is always focusing for an enhanced environmental condition to improve the quality of living.

TBSB has a solution for every type of cleaning needs, be it cleaning, specialized clean room, or customized solutions for health care and etceteras. We have a range of portfolios that are in our care. They range from commercial to corporate clients, industrial and manufacturing facilities, the housing market mainly condominiums and clubhouses.

TBSB is also becoming a one stop service provider with expertise in areas such as waste management, pest control and landscaping.

TBSB has achieved the ISO 9001:2008 / MS ISO 9001:2008 accreditation from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd on 31 October 2009. Scope of services: Provision of commercial, industrial and residential cleaning services.

TBSB does not compromise in the importance of investment in the service industry. We have advanced cleaning equipment and technology. Complementing this modern technology we are equipped with a highly dedicated and professional team to execute any form of job requirement in this industry. Key staffs are highly skilled as they are all trained under the BICS UK (British Institute of Cleaning Science, United Kingdom) program.

TBSB has a trained workforce all of whom are competent and disciplined.

In TBSB we are always looking forward to introduce innovative solutions to enhance the quality of service delivery chain to keep its customers delighted. Over the years, TBSB recorded an impressive growth and is constantly acquiring new technology and expertise. Technology and expertise is not compromised, TBSB has adopted international standards in line with the BICSc (British Institute of Cleaning Science) and CMI (Cleaning Maintenance Institute, USA) to further pursue service excellence. TBSB adopted a positive image with its customers with firm believe in world class standards. It will pursue this avenue for further service excellence.